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FriXion Erasable Refills for FriXion Erasable Multi-function Gel Pens

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Thermo-sensitive gel ink that erases with friction

Superior writing experience with smooth and uninterrupted ink flow

Quick-drying and smudge-resistant ink for clean and professional-looking documents

Compatible with PILOT's erasable FriXion 2-in-1, FriXion 3-in-1 and FriXion 4-in-1 multifunction gel pens

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Write, Erase, Rewrite! Embrace the excellence of PILOT LFBTRF30EF-EX refills, unlocking the joy of effortless writing, precision, and sustainability. These refills boast an advanced ink formula, delivering a smooth and uninterrupted writing experience. Confidently express your thoughts without any frustrating interruptions.

The key feature is the unique ballpoint design, meticulously crafted for consistent ink flow, ensuring a reliable and uniform writing experience without the hassle of inconsistent lines or skipping ink. With quick-drying and smudge-resistant ink, these refills excel in fast-paced moments when you need to jot down notes or create important documents swiftly and cleanly.

Choose PILOT LFBTRF30EF-EX refills to elevate your writing efficiency and make an environmentally conscious decision. These refills are fully compatible with PILOT FriXion 2-in-1, FriXion 3-in-1 and FriXion 4-in-1 erasable gel multifunction pens.

As the ink is erasable, never use it on legal documents, exam papers, or when writing cheques. To avoid accidental erasure, do not leave writing where it may be subjected to high temperatures for a prolonged period. Ink will reappear at approximately -20°C.

Erasable gel ink


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