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BegreeN White Line Correction Tape Refill

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Eco-friendly design for environmentally conscious users

Convenient replacement for PILOT correction tape dispensers

Smooth and precise corrections on various paper types, delivering a polished and professional look


The PILOT BegreeN White Line Correction Tape refill (ECTRF-15K-4G-BG) is an eco-friendly option, appealing to individuals who prioritise sustainability and wish to reduce their environmental impact. It is made from using recycled materials. The refill is designed to fit the PILOT BegreeN White Line Retractable Correction Tape dispenser, making it a hassle-free replacement for depleted correction tape. It offers a quick and efficient way to correct errors without the messiness of traditional correction fluids.

Purchasing refills can be more economical than buying entirely new correction tape dispensers, allowing users to extend the life of their correction tools and save money in the long run.

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