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The benchmark
in permanent markers.

  • Japanese quality

  • Vibrant colours

  • 24hr cap off life

  • Fade resistant

  • Multi surface

Superior Japanese quality

At the forefront of design and
innovation delivering exceptional writing experiences.

Vibrant colours

Bright and vivid colours making writing clearer and more visible.

Fade resistant

CSP ink has strong surface adhesion
that prevents fading even when rubbed.

24 hour cap off life

Special formula CSP ink which ensures
tip does not dry even if left uncapped
for up to 24 hours.

Multi surface

Can be used on many surfaces such as
cartons, glass, plastic, metal, paper and many more.

Fine Bullet or Broad Chisel

Available instore and online at


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Frequently Asked Questions

What colours are available?

The permanent marker range is available in four colours, black, blue, red and green.

What tip sizes are available?

The permanent marker range is available in bullet and chisel tip.

Are the permanent markers refillable?

The permanent markers are not refillable.

What is CSP Ink?

CSP stands for Controlled Surface Properties, it is an innovative newly developed ink by Pilot. CSP ink allows it to have vibrant colour, long cap-off performance and fade resistant.

Is this marker xylene free?

Yes, our Permanent marker 100 and 400 are xylene free.

What does 24-hour cap off mean?

If you forget to cap the marker after using it, the ink and tip would not dry out within 24 hours. This means you have the marker tip exposed and it would not dry out within 24 hours!

How do I remove permanent marker stains?

It depends on the surface you are marking. With Pilot Permanent marker range, it has high fade resistant property that may make it difficult to remove. You can use solvents and light oils, but it can damage the surface in the process. Porous surfaces are more challenging that it may not come off and removal processes can damage the surface.


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