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Permanent Marker 400

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4.0mm Chisel shaped tip - Great for wide and sharp lines

Writes on most indoor and outdoor surfaces

24 hour cap-off life - Won't dry out like other markers

Quick drying and water resistant

Light resistant


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The PILOT SCA-400 Permanent Marker stands as the quintessential instrument for unlocking creativity and leaving an indelible mark of excellence. Featuring a commanding 4.0mm chisel tip, it grants professionals and artists unparalleled precision in drawing fine and expansive lines. Bolstering its supremacy is the 24-hour cap-off life guarantee, ensuring it never succumbs to the common fate of drying out.

Moreover, the ink within the SCA-400 Permanent Marker stands as a testament to endurance, resistant to the effects of time. Whether in a warehouse, home, or office, this marker adapts seamlessly to diverse surfaces, offering a boundless canvas for self-expression. And here's the best part: the SCA-400 is xylene-free, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for both you and the environment.

For those seeking a reliable and versatile companion to unleash creativity, the PILOT SCA-400 Permanent Marker reigns supreme. Elevate your creations with the epitome of precision and durability.

24 Hour Cap Off Performance

Multi Surface



Light Resistant

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