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Shunpitsu Quick Dry Brush Pen

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Award winning quick-drying ink in Black and Grey

Create variable line widths from thin to thick

Available in two brush tip options: Hard (0.3–1.5mm) and Soft (0.3–2.0mm)

Hard Brush tip offers better control for smooth transitions between thin and broad strokes

Black ink is available in a Soft Brush tip for more line variation and expressive strokes

Ink Colour

Choose a colour

Brush Type

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Capture every moment with PILOT Shunpitsu’s revolutionary award-winning quick-drying ink! Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned brush pen lover, this is the perfect tool for you.

Available in bold Black or subtle Grey ink, the Hard Brush tip offers unparalleled control, effortlessly transitioning between delicate and bold strokes. For those seeking even more artistic freedom, the Black ink comes in a Soft Brush Tip, allowing for more expressive and varied lines.

No matter where you go, you can create stunning lettering and illustrations with ease. The compact pocket size ensures portability, while the handy ink window lets you keep creating until the very last drop!

Prepare to unleash your creativity and make every moment count with the PILOT Shunpitsu quick-drying brush pen.


Advanced Fast Drying Ink


Flexible Nib

Durable Tip

Pocket Clip

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