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Color Eno Mechanical Pencil

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Versatile colours for vibrant and precise expression

Smooth and consistent performance for flawless writing and drawing

Soft rubber grip for a comfortable writing experience

Pocket clip for easy access

Refillable lead and durable construction for cost-effective and long-lasting use

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Unleash vibrant expression, joyful inspiration, and confidence with the PILOT Color Eno Mechanical Pencil. Ignite your imagination with its array of colours and elevate your creativity to new heights.

PILOT Color Eno Mechanical Pencils truly shine, offering unmatched excellence in their versatile colors, impeccable performance, refillability, durability, and the renowned reputation of the PILOT brand. Experience a spectrum of vibrant hues, coupled with flawlessly smooth and consistent writing.

Refillable lead ensures uninterrupted creativity, while the sturdy construction guarantees long-lasting reliability. PILOT's distinguished legacy of quality and innovation ensures that the Color Eno Mechanical Pencils exceed even the loftiest expectations. PILOT Color Eno Mechanical Pencils are refillable with PILOT Color Eno Leads.



Pocket Clip

Rubber Grip

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