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V Board Master Whiteboard Marker | BegreeN

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Pure bright liquid ink

Fine tip for precise writing

Available in Bullet and Chisel tips

Twin Pipe Feed System ensures continuous ink flow to the last drop

Visible ink window- allows user to see remaining ink level

Refillable using ink cartridge WBS-VBM - simply unscrew the empty cartridge and replace

Marker's barrel and cap is made from 91% recycled materials

Ink Colour

Choose a colour

Tip Size

Choose a size
Refill times and you could reduce

Carbon emissions

Equal to driving km


Plastic use

Equal to plastic bottles


PILOT V Board Master is a cutting-edge refillable whiteboard marker with a fine tip, meticulously crafted to unleash your creativity and make a bold, vibrant statement with precision.

The light-resistant, pure liquid ink not only illuminates your words but also ensures impressive visibility up to 10 metres. With the Twin Pipe Feed system, this marker guarantees a smooth and consistent ink flow, providing a vivid writing experience until the very last drop.

Be it the comfort of your home, the dynamic office environment, collaborative meeting rooms, or inspiring classrooms, this marker showcases unparalleled versatility. Choose the tip that aligns with your style, whether Bullet or Chisel, and let your ideas flow freely with unmatched writing precision.

The marker’s barrel and cap embody sustainability, constructed from an impressive 91% recycled materials reclaimed from manufacturing. When the ink inevitably depletes, do not dispose it; instead, choose an eco-friendly path by refilling it with PILOT WBS-VBM refills. This way, you contribute to reducing waste and continue to make a positive impact on the environment.


Xylene Free

Twin Pipe Feed System


Dry Erase

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