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V Board Master S with Eraser and Magnet | BegreeN

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Extra Fine Bullet Tip for sharp lettering

Built- in eraser and magnetic cap for ease of use on whiteboard

Pure bright liquid ink flow available to the last drop (utilising twin pipe feed system)

Leak-proof design

Refillable using WBS-V

Visible ink window- allows user to see remaining ink level

Made from 72% recycled materials

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PILOT BegreeN V Board Master is a refillable whiteboard marker to empower your imagination and help you leave your mark boldly and vibrantly. The slim body encourages ease of use for all hand sizes and features a built-in eraser and magnetic cap for all-in-one whiteboard use.

The light-resistant, bright ink, will allow your words to shine brilliantly, allowing for an impressive visibility. A Twin Pipe Feed system ensures the user a seamless and consistent ink flow right up to the last drop, and it is leak-proof.

Whether in the cozy confines of your home, the bustling office, a collaborative meeting room, or an inspiring classroom this marker is very versatile.

You can make your mark on the world while making a positive impact too. Made from 72% recycled materials, it is also refillable. Simply unscrew the WBS-V refills, empty the cartridge, and replace it with a new one.


Xylene Free

Erasable Tip

Twin Pipe Feed System

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