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Word Search Adventure with PILOT Pen FriXion Light Highlighter

Enhance vocabulary, improve spelling skills, boost concentration and foster a love for problem-solving while having a great time. PILOT FriXion Erasable products take the pressure off by turning ‘mistakes’ into something fun!

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Bea Farrarons

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Known for their erasable ink technology, FriXion pens have revolutionised the way we write. But did you know that this innovative spirit extends beyond just writing instruments? Enter the PILOT FriXion Light, a remarkable highlighter that lets you highlight your important notes without leaving a trace. In this article, we're diving into the world of word searches with the PILOT Pen FriXion Light highlighter. So grab your FriXion Light and let's embark on a word search adventure!

Step by Step:

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To begin our word search journey, you'll need the following:

·       PILOT FriXion Light highlighter

·       Downloaded Word Search Puzzle Template 

Step 2: Highlighting the hidden words

Print the template on a quality sheet of paper. Choose your favourite Frixion Light highlighter colour and find and highlight the words using PILOT Pen FriXion Light. Gently highlight each word as you find it in the puzzle. Notice how smoothly the ink glides onto the paper and how vibrant the colours are.

Step 3: Reveal the Magic

Don’t worry about mistakes because these highlighters are erasable!

Once you've successfully highlighted all the words, it's time to witness the PILOT Pen FriXion Light's secret power. Using the special eraser tip on the other end of the highlighter, gently rub over any highlighted word. As you do, you'll notice the friction-generated heat at work – the ink becomes invisible, leaving no trace behind.

Step 4: Explore the FriXion Light Range

The FriXion Light Natural range offers an array of muted dessert colours, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your notes, with a Wallet of 6, you'll have a versatile selection at your fingertips.

Watch this video to learn more:

About Author

Bea Farrarons

Bea Farrarons is mum of two and avid crafter. An enthusiastic fan of DIY art and Craft projects. She has developed a range of fun mistake-making and correcting craft activities using FriXion erasable pens. Bea runs popular Instagram account @_simply_bea_ and has a growing community of 25,900 followers.

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