Twin Marker BegreeN
Twin Marker BegreeN
Twin Marker BegreeN

Twin Marker BegreeN

The Pilot Twin Ended marker is now available as part of the BegreeN family, made from 76% recycled materials reclaimed from manufacturing.
A convenient 2-in-1 permanent marker with an extra fine and fine tip ideal for writing on almost any surface such as postage bags, plastic and metal.

Pen Type:
Oil based
Tip Size:
BegreeN, Dual Tip, Light Resistant, Multi Surface, Permanent, Pocket Clip, Xylene Free
Ink Colour:

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Say hello to the world’s first full line of earth-friendly stationery


At least 70% recycled materials

Using virgin plastic materials has the greatest environmental impact due to the depletion of fossil materials. By using recycled plastic, we simultaneously reduce landfill and carbon footprint with each pen.


Reduced CO2 impact

Significantly reduce your carbon footprint by increasing the lifespan of your BegreeN products. Small gestures from everyone can make a significant difference in our fight against climate change.


It doesn’t cost you or the Earth

The additional cost for sourcing and processing the recycled materials are absorbed by Pilot as part of our commitment to being environmentally responsible.


Got questions? We got answers.

What other initiatives does Pilot implement to support the environment?

Environmental commitment should not merely be about having a vision. It is a principle that must be put into practice, day after day. Our two environmental acknowledgements are official proof of our commitment to working within the planet’s ecosystems as respectfully as possible. For many years in Japan, and since March 2006 in Europe, our entire production has been based on an approach that complies with the rigorous ISO 14001 standard. Through this framework it allows Pilot to enhance its environmental performance in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

Better yet, since 2011, we have been part of the small group of companies and sites in Europe that have been able to obtain EMAS, EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, registration after meeting its excellence requirements. With a focus on performance, credibility, and transparency, EMAS signifies Pilot’s commitment to the environment through legal compliance with all environmental legislation as verified by an auditor, continuous improvement of environmental performance, and publication of key environmental data in annual reports.

Why is the "N" capitalised?

It means make the change to BegreeN “Now”!

Are B2P pens more expensive than the rest of the Pilot range?

Absolutely not! The additional cost for sourcing and processing the recycled materials are absorbed by Pilot as part of our commitment to being environmentally responsible. Our commitment to you is that the BegreeN range won’t cost you or the Earth.

Do you offer refills?

The majority of the Pilot BegreeN range is refillable, please see our range of refills here. Refills are both value for money and an easy way to reuse and reduce our waste footprint. The rubbish bin can wait!


The Pilot BegreeN range has been a game changer for me. I don’t consider myself to be an eco-warrior but they’ve provided a solution where I can replace my entire stationery cupboard with environmentally friendly products for the same price as non-recyclable pens.

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