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V-Ball Grip

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Vivid, pure-liquid ink for clear and sharp writing

Ergonomic grip for extended writing comfort

Air Tight & Through (ATT) construction that ensures no leakage or blotches

Precise fine rollerball point for detailed and neat writing

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The PILOT V Ball Grip pen combines a sleek design with a comfortable rubberised grip for professionals who demand precise writing. Its ergonomic design ensures extended comfort, enhancing focus and concentration. With smooth, effortless writing, this pen promotes engagement, leading to heightened productivity and accomplishment.

Featuring pure liquid ink and a stainless-steel tip with the ATT (Airtight and Through) system, it guarantees instant ink flow for optimal performance. The V Ball Grip comes in a 0.7mm tip size and is the perfect choice for daily use in the office, at home, or while on the go, meeting the needs of discerning professionals.

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Air Tight Through System

Tip Ink Controller

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