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Frixion 3 Wood

Available colours

Frixion 3 Wood is a sophisticated erasable pen, where luxury design and mistake free writing meet.

Frixion 3 Metal

Available colours

Frixion 3 Metal is the ultimate 3-in-1 erasable pen. With a fashionable metal barrel, Frixion 3 Metal is where trend and mistake free writing meet.

Frixion 4

Available colours

Frixion 4 is the ideal everyday erasable pen, where the practicality of 4 ink colours in 1 barrel, provides the ultimate convenience when it comes to mistake free writing.

B2P Gel

Available colours

Bottle-2-Pen (B2P) is the world’'s first pen made from recycled bottles. This gel pen writes smoothly, has a comfortable grip and is refillable.

Green Tecpoint

Available colours

The Pilot BegreeN* Green Tecpoint is a needlepoint pen with a new airplane-safe technology that eliminates leakage caused by changes in air pressure.

Progrex Mechanical Pencil

Available colours

The Pilot BegreeN* Progrex Mechanical Pencil features a long rubber grip and full sliding sleeve and is available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm.

Rexgrip Mechanical Pencil

Available colours

The Pilot BegreeN* Rexgrip Mechanical Pencil has a fashionable design with an integrated rubber grip for extra comfort.

Frixion 3 & 4 Refill 0.5mm

Available colours

Save money and the environment by refilling your erasable Frixion pens over and over again. Suitable for Frixion 3, Frixion 3 Metal, Frixion 3 Wood and Frixion 4.

Dr Grip 4+1

Available colours

Dr Grip 4 + 1 features 4 ballpoint colours and a mechanical pencil. The ultimate multifunctional tool for your writing needs.

Birdie Mechanical Pencil

Available colours

The Pilot Birdie Mechanical Pencil is a slim, beautifully styled stainless steel pencil ideal for pocket diaries.

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