Iroshizuku Ink Bottle 50ml

Morning Glory (AS)

Asiatic Dayflower (TS)

Deep Cerulean Blue (KO)

Hydrangea (AJ)

Deep Sea (SNK)

Sky Blue (AMA)

Moonlight (TY)

Forest Green (SHR)

Dew on Pine Tree (SY)

Bamboo Forest (CHK)

Rice Ear (IH)

Peacock (KJ)

Cosmos (KM)

Azalea (TT)

Autumn Leaves (MO)

Crimson Glory Vine (YB)

Japanese Beauty Berry (MS)

Bamboo Charcoal (TAK)

Old Man Winter (FS)

Autumn Shower (KS)

Sunset (YU)

Winter Persimmon (FG)

Horsetail (TK)

Wild Chestnut (YG)

Available colours

Pilot has always manufactured its own inks, and they are renowned throughout the world because of their superior quality and the spectrum of stunning colours. The name ‘Iroshizuku’ is a combination of the Japanese words ‘iro’ (colouring) expressing high standards and variations of colours and ‘shizuku’ (droplet) which embodies the very image of dripping water. Each ink name derives from the expressions of beautiful Japanese natural landscapes and plants, all of which contribute to the depth of each individual hue. Enjoy Japan’s rich and subtle colour aesthetic as you write with Iroshizuku inks. The glass bottles are machine made, and the ink are suitable for refilling Pilot fountain pens.

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