Drawing Pen


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The Pilot Drawing Pen is a polyacetal top fineliner with water and light resistant forgery proof pigment ink. The pigment ink used in the drawing pen guarantees a sharp, clean colour that is fast drying and highly resistant to water and light.


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G-Tec-C Maica

Available colours

The Pilot G-Tec-C Maica is a needlepoint pen featuring a slimline barrel, a lanyard hole for easy carrying and a diamante finish on the cap.


Available colours

The Pilot 'Croquis' is a refillable sketch pen ideal for drawing and sketching. The wide, shaped grip allows for a comfortable, accurate grip.


Available colours

The Pilot G-Tec-C with its incredibly small stroke width is ideal for fine writing and drawing.

Lettering Pen

Available colours

The Pilot Lettering Pen is great for calligraphy writing.

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